STaff Instructions


Referrals come through three places:

  • Psychology today page (your own)

  • ARC website

  • Professional connections

A referral that is not through your own connection will be emailed to your professional email. Please respond within 48 hours and provide a time to talk with the referral for about 15 minutes to discuss both goals and limitations of therapy. Provide costs and answer any questions related to your own professional experience.


If a referral decides to schedule, use SQUARE APPOINTMENTS app to find an available slot to see them for a 60 minute appointment that will include your assessment and recommendations. You can either ask to set up another appointment or refer them to a higher level of care if warranted related to suicidality, eating behaviors, or addiction. Include all information including phone and email address. Square will send them a confirmation and reminder.

Include the cost determined over the phone. Starting cost is $150 for anyone DBT/couples/children with a sliding scale to $110, or $135 for clients who may have more simple mood disorders or adjustment disorders. We are out of network for all insurance requests. We will provide a superbill that they can send to their insurance. We do not ensure any sort of reimbursement.

Send ED email letting them know of a new client and include name of client, age, email address, and date/time of appointment. ED will send confirmation email that includes paperwork and directions.


Payment should be made using either cash, check, card, or invoice if necessary. Do not invoice two sessions without payment. Square card reader is located in desk or on side table in the fish dish.

Follow prompts and send receipt with client.

If client would like a superbill, inform Executive Director and fill out superbill to give to client.


Turn on salt lamp and noise machine by door when entering office and put bell on outside of door. All other lamps turn on/off by a timer. You are welcome to use essential oils in diffuser on the side table. You are welcome to light a candle.

When leaving, straighten and sweep anything that may need some extra care. Please blow out any candles and turn off diffusers. Turn off salt lamp and noise machine by door. Put bell back inside.

Do not water plants.


Please document within a week of services.

Intake paperwork should include the following:

  • Intake Questionnaire

  • Confidentiality Agreement

  • Financial Agreement

  • Therapy Agreement

  • Phone Coaching Agreement (optional)

  • Authorization of Information (optional)

  • Treatment Authorization (optional)

All notes can be found in the top filing cabinet. Please fill out if a client cancels with a note for your response.

  • Intake Note

  • Resilience Counseling Note

  • DBT Note

  • RODBT Note


The following protocol should be used to officially discharge a client.

  • Call and document leaving messages 2 weeks and 4 weeks from last appointment.

  • Send discharge email 6-8 weeks from last communication.

  • Document Discharge Summary and leave in chart with copy of final email.

Any client who has been discharge must start with initial appointment and updated Intake Questionnaire if after 6 months of discharge.

Invoice for Pay

Pay will occur on 3rd and 5th (or following 1st) Fridays of the month. Invoices are due the 2nd and 4th Fridays before by 5 pm. Invoices must match recorded payments. ED will contact contact employees on Monday if there are any conflicts.